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Eileen Chiama, Jennifer Walker, Angela Edwards, Marianne Henson. They worked together at Burke Medical Center. “We saved lives by helping patients control their blood pressure. Our passion is to help every member live long and thrive.” They have sustained an 85% hypertension control rate, an increase from 75% in 2010.They then spread their success across Northern Virginia. View Center for Total Health 17830 on

Community Tour, January 10, 2013: Sign up here (Facebook or Google+)

When I was in medical school, residency, and even after residency, I was never offered a class or an educational experience on how to work with organized labor. I have a feeling I’m not alone. One of the two innovations that I’ve been fortunate to discover in my time at Kaiser Permanente is the Labor Management Partnership (@LMPTalk), the best of its kind in health care, and among the best in all of industry. The other is the focus on environmental stewardship (all my posts tagged “greenHC“).

This is why January’s community tour is special – it’s being given by myself and Louise Casa, M.S.N, C.R.N.P:

Louise Casa, M.S.N., C.R.N.P. Louise (Lu) Casa is an Nurse Practitioner Chronic Conditions Care Manager at the Capitol Hill Adult Medicine Department. Prior to her appointment as NP Care Manager she was an Internal Medicine Provider at West End Medical Center since 1997. She has served on numerous committees at Kaiser Permanente and currently holds a position on the Medical Credentialing Committee, the UFCW Job Evaluation Committee and serves as Secretary to the Kaiser Permanente KP Pride Employee Resource Group. She also serves as the UFCW Local 400 Shop Steward at Capitol Hill MOB and also served as a Union Delegate at the 2011 Union Delegate Convention. During her work as union co-lead of the Capitol Hill Adult Medicine Unit Based Team she received a scholarship to the 2011 Institute for Healthcare Improvement for outstanding improvement work.

Since 1997, View on

Lu and I are going to take the Total Health tour I usually give of the Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth), and she’s going to infuse it along the way with the history, milestones, and performance of this industry leading partnership. I’m planning to learn a lot of things, too (it’s the selfish part of why I give these tours, I take, too :)).

So, if you have:

  • Wanted to see the Center for Total Health?
  • Been to the Center for Total Health for an event but didn’t have time to “see” it”?
  • Been interested in Total Health and want to network with others?
  • Want to learn about how organized labor partners and powers high quality, affordable health care

Then this experience is for you!

For maximum interaction and comfort, the tour group size is limited to 20 participants.

You can read more about unit-based teams, like the award-winning one above, here.

And here’s a photo from the last Community/Entrepreneur Tour, with special canine guest. Dogs are total health, too.

Lisa Jones, MD, Doug Nagle, Miryam Granton-Gerdine, Ariel Levin, and Milo, DC Dog , December 21, 2012View Community Tour-Milo Edition 18075 on

Ted Eytan, MD