What it means to earn a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index

2013, A Perfect Score (click to enlarge)

The day before yesterday, the Human Rights Campaign (@HRC) iPhone app showed a different answer for Kaiser Permanente’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI).

Then it was refreshed yesterday with the 2013 data, which now shows an earned perfect score. You can read the news release on the Kaiser Permanente site here.

In a country where it’s perfectly legal in a majority of US States (29) to fire someone from their job for no other reason than they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, it is still important to work in an organization that’s committed to opportunity and equality for all.

There are a lot of other companies in this year’s index that earned a 100% score, and there were a lot that earned a 0% score.

The CEI helps committed companies grow and match their behavior to their commitment. More importantly, it helps committed companies teach other companies that everyone deserves equality at work and in health. And as I have written on her many many times, the two are related. Equality is a health issue.

Thank you HRC, Kaiser Permanente (@kpnewscenter), all of the 100% organizations in the CEI, the Healthcare Equality Index, and their/our supporters and friends.


Congratulations to KP and I am an avid fan of your idea-packed posts Ted. In fact I will be citing this one on my Forbes Connected and Quotable column on Friday

KareAnderson1┬áKare, Thanks so much for your comment and for being interested in this health topic. My writing about diversity tends to get less attention than when I talk about health information technology (which I understand, it’s an audience issue), but that’s okay, it’s all total health, and it is my RSS Feed :). I look forward to your next Forbes column as well as more dialogue and ideas,

Ted Eytan, MD