Photo Friday: The Best Kind of Age – Tweed and Bicycle Sharing

This weeks’ photograph is from the annual DC Tweed Ride, a yearly event of the Dandies & Quaintrelles (est. 2009):

a Washington, DC based social group, organizes and hosts vintage-inspired, stylish events in partnership with and in support of noble causes.

The title of the post comes from the tweet response of our local Capital Bikeshare (@Bikeshare) to the title of a post of our local metropolitan blog DCist (@DCist) , questioning the use of bikeshare bicycles for a ride like this:

I’m with Capital Bikeshare for 2 reasons – (a) This is the best kind of age , and (b) It’s important to laugh at least once a day. If the reason to take photographs is to capture the beauty of the human spirit, this event was like a paradise. Enjoy.

Ted Eytan, MD