Love continues to be unbeatable, thanks to the courage of our neighbors

I have pledged to write a post for every State in the Union to embrace equality (see the series: Love Always Wins), which happened multiple times yesterday. I’m losing track, it’s happening so quickly now.

Before I found the right photograph for this morning’s post, it found me:

It was accompanied by this e-mail, from Josh Seidman, PhD (@jjseidman):

Subject: For your “Love Always Wins” Files…

I thought you’d like this picture of my wife and four kids campaigning for Marriage Equality in Maryland.
Can’t wait ‘til baby Julia is old enough to know about her first campaign of political activism was about the first civil rights issue of the 21st century.
It was 8-year-old RJ who came up with the idea of putting “scales of justice” on their homemade posters.
What a great day!
Hope all is well.

The woman in the picture, Jocelyn Guyer, who Josh is married to (and vice versa), is Co-Executive Director of Georgetown’s Center for Children & Families – who has helped shape policies over the last 20 years that have led to many low-income kids & families getting access to health coverage.

I do like this picture. A lot.

It is a show of support for equality (which equals health, as the data shows) and it is a show of a support for me. The day after the 2008 election was difficult – I was in California, and there, we were not celebrating the presidential election, we were mourning the passage of Proposition 8. That happened to be the day I met ePatientDave (@ePatientDave) (see: Meeting ePatientDave for the very first time | Ted Eytan, MD), who was so sympathetic to the disappointment I and so many people across the country felt.

It’s now four years later, and people, neighbors, friends, and their families aren’t sending notes of sympathy, they are sending notes of support and stories of their courage, that causes love to be unbeatable. That’s why this is the best Love Always Wins photo today. Thanks, Josh, Jocelyn, and family.

  • Civil Rights Protesters, Washington DC
  • Chris and Hampton
  • Prop 8 ruling outside Federal court in San Francisco 4
  • Washington DC Demonstration for Equality November 15 2008 15664
  • reason to celebrate
  • Standing on the Side of Love with LGBT People Everywhere!
  • Marriage Equality Celebration by The Stonewall
  • CA Day of Decision
  • Civil Marriage Protection Act 2012 Signing Ceremony
  • SCOTUS - DOMA  20991
  • Boy Scout Memorial 19242
  • 2013 Rally for Transgender Equality 21169
  • SCOTUS  26251
  • March on Washington 2013 29383


I love Love Always Wins. Thanks, Ted, for posting this message and the photos. Looking forward to more and more Love. JSK

Jane Sarasohn Kahn Jane, you have always  been a trusted source of love in my life, and in health, since the day I met you. So happy to celebrate with you,

tedeytan Jane Sarasohn Kahn Ditto. Creating Health takes a Village…and Love, of course!

Coda: When the boys woke up on Wednesday morning, I told them that their democratic activism paid off — that the voters of Maryland had approved the ballot initiative, and that the somewhat narrow margin of victory meant that they (and the tireless work of many others) made a difference in this election.  So proud of my family and my adopted state of residence!

Ted Eytan, MD