Photo Friday: 17th Street High Heel Race, Dupont Circle, Washington, DC USA

This week brought a lot of great photographs, I decided this is the one. It’s from the 26th Annual Dupont Circle / 17th Street High Heel Race (@HighHeelRaceDC).

I missed the race last year due to a work obligation, and I promised that I would never miss another.

This is an event that preceded the era of social media and so many strides in equality and acceptance for the LGBT community. It continues 26 years later, only delayed by 2 days by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The image is taken from the finish line, in the minutes before contestants completed the 1 city block race in high heels (as the title of the event implies). It was a beautiful night and a gorgeous display of creativity and freedom, like it is every year. And why wouldn’t it be, love always wins.

Ted Eytan, MD