First Community/Entrepreneur Tour of the Center for Total Health: 10/19/2012

Inspired by the many impromptu tours I have conducted here, alongside the networking and learning (two-way) that has happened (Check out: A New Definition of Total Health – HealthyComms | Ted Eytan, MD), we’re setting up Community/Entrepreneur Tours of the Center for Total Health, the first one is on Friday, 10/19/2012.

Want to come?

Click on this link to sign up through Google+

Click on this link to sign up through Facebook

Why? Because you:

  •  Want to see the Center for Total Health
  •  Have Been to the Center for Total Health for an event but didn’t have time to “see” it
  •  Are interested in Total Health and want to network with others

I’ll be the tour guide, walking you through the history and interactive exhibits describing Total Health, while you network with colleagues similarly interested the future of health and health care.

For maximum interaction and comfort, the tour group size is limited to 20 participants, so sign up soon.

We should host these monthly, as a place to convene, meet, explore, learn, teach.

Ted Eytan, MD