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A New Definition of Total Health « HealthyComms – Fun, insightful, and I’ll go ahead and say, complimentary to the work of Kaiser Permanente in supporting Total Health, based on a tour I gave to Amanda Guisbond ( @agbond ), from SHIFT Communications  ( @shiftcomm ) of the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth).

Her story of how we met is accurate, and I’ll add, part of an experiment I’ve been trying lately, which in Amanda’s case proved to be a smashing success. Not the part about her enjoying the Center for Total Health (hopefully we’re not experimenting with that :)) – the part about inviting a total stranger, in this case Lauren Fifield (@LaurenFifield), Senior Health Policy Advisor for PracticeFusion, Inc. (@practicefusion), to come on the same tour. It was National Health IT week, Amanda and Lauren both do great work in the industry, they were available at the same time, so why not?

This is the most fun thing to see – connections between patients and doctors, doctors and doctors, communicators and policy experts who are health advocates and health activists, in the background / foreground of a conversation about health.

With the endorsement of Amanda and Lauren’s experience, I am going to keep mixing things up, so that the tour you take at the Center for Total Health brings you more appreciation for the future as well as a bigger network. I think this has to be the way we have these discussions, because there’s too much to be done, everyone is necessary, and the people we are caring for today will be us someday.

Enjoy the post and come back soon….

Ted Eytan, MD