Coalition to Transform Advanced Care , at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

Last week, Kaiser Permanente co-hosted the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (@CTACorg)’s Stakeholder Meeting at the Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth). Here are my photographs from the event, that show what Jon Broyles explained to me was the significance of this meeting – the coming together of people across disciplines to go beyond their own to bring models that work to advanced illness care.

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A few excellent programs represented included the Respecting Choices (@RespChoices) program from Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation, and the Conversation Project (@convoproject), who presented in the Public Engagement workgroup (the one I’m in).

There’s going to be a national summit January 29-30, 2013, in Washington, DC, as well as the launch of an online resource for people who need help with decision making when being confronted with (or planning for) advanced illnesses.

I was part of the coming together, too, because I got to be in the same room with Alex Drane (@adrane) AND Carolyn McLanahan, an MD AND a financial planner(@CarolynMcC) which was special for me. Why? Because through my own journey, started by Alex through the Engage With Grace project, I discovered that someone like me, a physician in the health care system, does not have all the tools they need to plan for the future, and that these plans are linked to our financial futures as well. Long story short ( and here’s the blog post if you want to make the long story long: This conversation isn’t easy, but I did it anyway : Engage with Grace | Ted Eytan, MD), our collaboration is the kind of coming together that CTAC has facilitated – finding answers outside of our profession, finding people outside our profession who want us to be the best at what we do.

You can take a look at the member list to see how far it spans, within health care and beyond, and think about the idea that it can be possible for patients and professionals to make decisions that they don’t later regret when it comes to illnesses.

Note also in the photographs above, there are many different creative ways to engage each other at the Center for Total Health, all to create the best situation for the people we serve 🙂


It’s rally a great news…Advanced care will include latest technologies which can help in providing total health care. It’s a brilliant idea as there are lots of people who are not given total health care.

@tedeytan It’s your signature combo of self-awareness and drive that invite the most amazing teachers to your table. #lifelonglearner +1

Ted Eytan, MD