The Kaiser Permanente Social Media Policy, Updated

The latest update of the well-received Kaiser Permanente Social Media Policy is now available online. Here’s the direct link: – you can also navigate to it via the Kaiser Permanente Newscenter  (@kpnewscenter), click on “About KP” and scroll down – it’s just above “Thrive Ads” (and watch those too, they’re really good).

The first 3 pages are written as an actual organizational policy, which is helpful. Starting on page 4, however, you’ll see a section that begins with “Kaiser Permanente Blogging Best Practices,” which has 3 pages of very useful, practical guidelines to using social media well. This includes crafting an appropriate disclaimer for blogs in which a person does not officially represent the organization (such as this blog). I consider this an example of an approach that promotes good communication rather than prevents communication at all.

Enjoy, please let me know what you think in the comments.


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Ted Eytan, MD
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