The Kaiser Permanente Social Media Policy, Updated

The latest update of the well-received Kaiser Permanente Social Media Policy is now available online. Here’s the direct link: – you can also navigate to it via the Kaiser Permanente Newscenter  (@kpnewscenter), click on “About KP” and scroll down – it’s just above “Thrive Ads” (and watch those too, they’re really good).

The first 3 pages are written as an actual organizational policy, which is helpful. Starting on page 4, however, you’ll see a section that begins with “Kaiser Permanente Blogging Best Practices,” which has 3 pages of very useful, practical guidelines to using social media well. This includes crafting an appropriate disclaimer for blogs in which a person does not officially represent the organization (such as this blog). I consider this an example of an approach that promotes good communication rather than prevents communication at all.

Enjoy, please let me know what you think in the comments.


Ted Eytan, MD