Using social media to build up the Bank of Good Will – Businessweek

Why Chick-fil-A and Other Brands Aren’t Being Bullied – Businessweek

“The idea of producing a bank of preemptive content—about how we produce our food, how we pay our employees, how we run our diversity policies—and then activating them with paid media at the moment that the controversy arrives is almost a prerequisite strategy for everyone now,” says Norman.

When I saw this, I thought about my personal coach and mentor, Vince Golla ( @vincegolla ), who taught me about the “bank of good will” several years ago. 

We used the example of Kaiser Permanente’s work to build up the bank of good will in our paper: The Permanente Journal – Kaiser Permanente – Social Media and the Health System that came out in 2011.

Good to see that this idea is getting traction. The thing about the bank of good will is that to truly build it, you have to engage with the people you serve in an authentic way. That’s what we’ve been trying to do in talking about our model of care and the advantages of integration, enabled by technology. 

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