Pioneering Ideas: Meet the Pioneer Advisory Group

Pioneering Ideas: Meet the Pioneer Advisory Group.

It wasn’t my first question, but it was one of them – “how can I/we use social media to involve others in this work”? And…the team at Pioneer Portfolio has started things off:

That is why I am happy to announce that we now have our own esteemed group of advisers from diverse fields to help us along the way. The Pioneer Advisory Group, a team of six thought leaders, will work with us throughout the coming year to accelerate our efforts to identify and connect with leading innovators and new ideas. They’ll also provide that crucial outside perspective and critical review that is so important as we work to improve the health and health care of all Americans.

Luckily this is a philanthropy that has embraced social media, including among its senior leaders. Brian Quinn, PhD is the Team Director, of the Pioneer Portfolio ( @quinnhealth ) and fellow family physician Mike Painter, MD ( @paintmd ) is involved in this work, as is our link to the program Chrsitine Nieves ( @NievesChristine ). The Pioneer Portfolio has its own Twitter handle as well: @pioneerrwjf , and a blog, referenced above . Easy to keep up!

Now, just have to keep up, but really not that difficult, I have been a fan of multiple Pioneer Portfolio projects, including the one I have declared is my favorite (even though I love all of then equally…) – you will be, too.

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