What does social media mean, in an integrated care system? A conversation at @KPGarfield

I got to spend the day yesterday at one of my favorite places in the universe, the Sidney R. Garfield Center for Health Care Innovation ( @KPGarfield ), discussing a topic that interests me a little. I also got to bring two people who have wanted to come to see the Garfield Center, Nikolai Kirienko ( @nikolaikirienko ) and Manny Hernandez ( @askmanny ) . Having both in the room with us qualified the discussion for the Patients Included badge, so win win there. It turns out that they are both nationally recognized experts in social networking among patients with chronic conditions as well, so win-win-win, win-win.

I gave the following presentation below (the images have the presentation notes, the slideshare is just the slides), along with several other colleagues, to round out the discussion.

My presentation is/was not the last word. Far from it. In fact, at the end, when we were talking about the criteria that an organization like Kaiser Permanente should use to judge the value of a social media/networking product approach, I think I threw away the list I had in my head and replaced it with, “The ones that our members helped us decide were the right ones.”

Patients are the champions of our future – Nikolai Kirienko View on Flickr.com

And then, in one of the exercises, called “We Believe…” , Nikolai wrote this on a post it note, and I captured it with my camera, because I think it’s the über criteria for everything.

We are here because of them, not the other way around.

I took photographs of the always fun mind-expanding exercises that the Innovation Consultancy (@KPInnovation), Innovation and Advanced Technology Group, and Innovation Learning Network (@healtcareILN) enrich our lives with. These will look familiar to you if you’ve ever done improv. Enjoy, comments welcome.



Ted Eytan, MD