Photos and podcast from DC Hug Tour 2012

2012 Hug Tour, at The Center For Total Health View on

This is definitely one of the most interesting events I’ve seen take place at the Center for Total Health ( @kptotalhealth ). I’ve been feeling like 2012 is the year of hugs, so why not?

I asked Laurie Ostrofsky ( @simplyleap ) to tell me about the hug tour and I recorded our interview. I asked her what a good hug is, how hugs happen in the workplace, and if a hug has to be physical (answer, no). Apologies if the audio is uneven, I am (yet again) trying new technology to capture the spoken word, I’ll do better next time!


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Thanks, Lauree, for including the Center for Total Health on the hug tour. Here are more photographs of what that looks like. A place to talk about health should also be a place to talk about hugs.


@tedeytan @simplyleap each color on the chart is a hug, longer hugs tend to be warmer colors (I have touch synesthesia) and leave me calmer.

Ted Eytan, MD