2012 HealthCampDC and The Walking Gallery bigger.better

DC Health Week HealthCamp – Walking Gallery 13160

It’s always worth a look at where we came from – so thanks to the magic of social media, you can see what the very first Healthcamp DC, in 2008, looked like: #hcdc HealthCamp Washington, DC 2008 and 2011 | Ted Eytan, MD

This year’s HealthCamp DC was the biggest ever. I piloted something new today because it’s trending (thanks to people like Alex Carmichael – @accarmichael and Lauree Ostrofsky – @simplyleap ) – instead of using a buzzer to let people know that their 4 minute time had completed, I gave a hug. It felt okay, in a good way!

The Walking Gallery didn’t exist until 2011, and this one was the biggest ever, as well. Casey Quinlan has the latest jacket – making the cut at #160. I got to wear my #147 , and was happy to see Massive Health’s Andrew Rosenthal (@andrewrosenthal) wear my first jacket as a proxy.

As I look through the tweets of the day (#hcdc and #TheWalkingGallery), I am struck by the generosity and interest in the sharing and encouraging of the heart that these get togethers stimulate. There’s nothing like it. Both events continue to inspire a new generation of health activists, and encourage those who’ve been there all along. We’re all still working together and we all believe everything is possible, because it is.


Mark Scrimshire ( @ekivemark ), Maumi Chatterton ( @MCJhatter ), Regina Holliday ( @ReginaHolliday ) did another great job this year, as did the staff of the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health. When I took my jacket off for the evening, I could only think one thing, which is that Regina is awesome.

Photos below, enjoy


Ted Eytan, MD