NHS To Shut Down Personal Health Record Service

NHS To Shut Down Personal Health Record Service | ITProPortal.com.

“It is too difficult to make an account; it is too difficult to log on; it is just too difficult”, Gutteridge said at the Westminster Health Forum in London.

In addition to allowing each access to care records and test results, HealthSpace was designed to facilitate the booking of doctors’ appointments and the renewal of prescriptions. But in spite of its benefits, the service has been plagued by low usership.

Trajectory of kp.org

Trajectory of Kaiser Permanente My Health Manager Personal Health Record

Editorial comment: they forgot to include one feature of the system that prevented its success – it allowed physicians not to interact with patients. No secure email.

Meanwhile, the image on the left (from this presentation to the American College of Preventive Medicine, in February, 2012) shows the trajectory of a personal health record that is connected to people. It’s inaccurate, though, there are actually 3.9 million people connected as of March 31, 2012, not 3.7. :).


Ted Eytan, MD