#Teds2ndJacket – “Non-compliant”


"Non-compliant" a jacket for Ted Eytan
Non-CompliantRegina and Ted

This is my second jacket in The Walking Gallery, painted by artist, friend, Regina Holliday ( @ReginaHolliday ). Ironically, it is one that is more like the other jackets because it tells the story of its wearer (me). My first jacket, which is #11 in the gallery, tells the story of another person, Regina Benjamin, MD.

Like most of Regina’s art, it has many secrets embedded within, which will be revealed here soon.

I can’t wait to wear it.


Nice! Look forward to its inherent story.

A subtle change turns non-compliant to NON-COMPLAINT 🙂 That’s the right goal indeed: patients/families have no complaints about partnering with health professionals?!!

 @Sue Woods Thank you, Sue. I didn’t even think of that meaning as I looked at the jacket and saw myself – I guess a jacket is like that – there’s something for the observer to take away, and something very personal for the wearer to present for all to see.  I’m putting together a post about it that’s more personal than one I’ve put on here before. You know how there’s that part of the brain that can’t express itself via words? That’s the part that’s firing when I look at this work, 

Ted Eytan, MD