From Our President – Freedom from Conflict of Interest -Consumer Reports

Thanks to Christine Kraft for spotting:

Score one for the patient. Physicians who are not influenced by industry reps are more likely to prescribe the best treatment rather than the drug on the mug they were given last week. The Institute of Medicine believes that gifts and payments create conflicts of interest that “may jeopardize the integrity of sci­entific investigations, the objectivity of medical education, the quality of patient care, and the public’s trust in medicine.”

Other hospital systems are joining Kaiser Permanente in restricting gifts, including the Department of Veterans Affairs and several dozen academic medical centers.

via From Our President – Consumer Reports.

My freedom from conflict of interest is clearly written on my about page – I do not accept gifts or honoraria from device makers, the pharmaceutical industry, or vendors, this includes food/beverage. It’s just an easier way to be focused on members/patients/people. And, I enjoy not being listed on Pro Publica’s Dollars for Docs web site.

Ted Eytan, MD