Photo Friday: Isaac Holliday, Bubbles….and Milo

I chose this photograph of Isaac Holliday, wearing his jacket entitled “Feelings,” which he designed himself, with a little help from a famous local artist and also his mother, Regina Holliday ( @ReginaHolliday ).

In the photo, Isaac is playing with the bubble machine that Regina Holliday brought to the corner of Connecticut and T Street, Northwest, this past Sunday. I came to officially present the blank canvas of my next gallery piece and request Regina’s talent in turning it into a piece in The Walking Gallery. She said yes!

Oh, and she was also there to bring awareness to the American Hospital Association’s stance on providing patients and families with their medical record information.

I brought my favorite dog in Washington, DC, Milo, and Isaac really took to him (and why wouldn’t he, who doesn’t love Milo) – they are both 6 years old, I found out. What the heck, let’s include a photo of Milo today as well:

Milo looks a little pensive. He’s in a strange surrounding (a little farther away from his normal dog park), and he’s also a very attached kind of dog. He gets very nervous when his dad or his dogfather (that’s me) are not close by. If I were to put a thought bubble over his head, it wouldn’t be that he’s angry or upset or sad or disapproving of what the humans around him are fussing over. It would just be, “I hope everyone here is working together to make sure that my dad is around for a long time.”

Isn’t it interesting how the most complex things are really simple from the perspective of our children and our dogs. It was great to see Isaac enjoying life again – he asked about Milo last night at Regina’s birthday party – I am glad he remembered him!

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