Walking Meetings featured on ABC 7 News, Washington, DC

Thanks to ABC 7 News ( @ABC7News ) and reporter Pamela Brown ( @ABC7Pamela ) for looking into the science behind walking and producing a story about walking meetings that aired in in the Washington, DC, area today.

My physician colleague at Kaiser Permanente, Amy Banulis, MD, an OB/Gyn was also featured in the story, and she integrates walking support and education into her medical practice. I really feel this is not a unique obsession of mine anymore, with Kaiser Permanente having an entire campaign around walking ( @everybodywalk ). You’ve seen the West Wing Reunion video, right?

The discovery for me is simple – whether your workplace is a television news station or a health system, it’s possible to combine exercise and thinking, and the combination (muscles, mind, and most importantly, heart) create a very cool synergy. Just try it. And tweet me with your results. Here’s the guide to making it happen: http://bit.ly/walkingmeetings . Let’s keep the revolution going, so others can discover it, too.


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