Photo Friday: “Welcome, we’re so glad you are here with us”

Have you ever stayed in a hotel where the entire staff:

  • Took an hour away from their required work day to stage a special welcome ceremony for their guests?
  • Personally welcomed you with a hug or a handshake?
  • Welcomed you and told you they are so glad to see you?

This week’s photograph is from the Wailea Marriott, in Maui Hawaii, where the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group hosted the first session of Medicine and Management, a clinical leadership course sponsored by six Permanente Medical Groups across the United States (Group Health Physicians, Ohio Permanente Medical Group, Northwest Permanente Medical Group, The Southeast Permanente Medical Group, Colorado Permanente Medical Group).

The staff do this routinely for their guests and it really sets the stage for thinking differently. During the first session of the course, we learned about modeling leadership to ourselves and what we do outwardly for others.

One of the things a small group I was in talked about is how we make every person we serve special so that they know, “I am so glad you are here with me right now.” 

Jack Cochran, MD says “there’s a mentor around every corner.” This was a beautiful, unexpected example.


Just from the headline, I knew it was Hawaii. 🙂
It will be a great day when any health system consistently gives patients and families this kind of feeling – the feeling of being cared for and cared about.  It’s a good image to visualize. Thanks.

Ted Eytan, MD