mHealth happiness: Usage data of Kaiser Permanente mobile tools to manage health, and patient stories

In my last blog post (“Is mHealth at a crossroads? A visit with the NIH Public-Private Partnership Program“), I wrote:

I don’t have data on the Kaiser Permanente (mobile health) experience yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll post it here.

My awesome colleagues in the Kaiser Permanente Internet Services Group saw this posting on our internal social network and provided me with the data to provide here. I’ve also been given access to three patient stories of their use of these apps / mobile-optimized web site which I am sharing here as well, courtesy of awesome colleague Ravi Poorsina ( @ravipoorsina ).

That’s what I call a proactive, prepared health system!

Without further ado:

  • accounted for 13.4% of total traffic for the month of March
  • has received More than 3.3 million visits since launch  (Jan-24)
  • 50% of all visits are via the iOS platform & 38% are via the android platform
  • iPhone alone makes up 53% of the mobile device visits
  • Android app: 85,000 downloads since launch (January 24, 2012)
  • iPhone app (KP Locator – a facility-finding app available on the iPhone) : 71,000 downloads

To familiarize yourself with what’s available, see “Nearly 9 Million Kaiser Permanente Health Records Securely Available on Mobile Devices : Patient information securely available with a touch of a finger with new app and mobile-optimized

Most importantly though, let’s hear from the members, across multiple demographics and regions of the United States. These are reminder that we can’t know exactly what information a person needs to feel confident.

Not every mother knows what “RSV” stands for – Melissa Marote reminds us that it matters that she does know when it’s her child’s diagnosis. Now she can.

See what you think and enjoy.

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