Hospitals having healthy food environments, and cafeteria cashiers leading in them – NC Prevention Partners

At the Bipartisan Policy Center’s roundtable on healthy institutions, I sat on a panel with Anne Thornhill, from North Carolina Prevention Partners, who talked about their Red Apple Project. This work resulted in tobacco-free health campuses across North and South Carolina.

The video below is about the work, with a focus on healthy food in hospitals. Anne told this story on the panel and I asked to follow up, which I did via this video. If you go to 4:35, you’ll meet Karen McCrae, a Cashier at Blue Ridge Healthcare. Listen to how she describes the initiative in her hospital. I was actually listening to the video in another window on my computer and when Karen came on I thought, “Oh, there’s the hospital administrator talking.”

Leadership at all levels is possible around health, food, sustainability. You can learn more at the NC Prevention Partners site as well as at the Healthier Hospitals initiative. Enjoy.

Ted Eytan, MD