Building of the global movement for health equity: what health care can do

ScienceDirect – The Lancet : Building of the global movement for health equity: from Santiago to Rio and beyond – Thanks to @katellington for sending this my way.

Contained within is a concise statement of where health care fits into social determinants. Worth a read to see what’s new in social determinants. And from the read, social determinants is more new than I thought….

…. there are three important roles for the health-care system (webappendix p 1). First is to ensure universal access to high-quality care, with increased focus on prevention and health promotion.13 Second, people in the health sector—from the Minister of Health to primary care professionals and medical and health organisations—should be the advocates for action on social determinants of health. There are good examples of cooperative working between health and other sectors. Third, ensure that routine monitoring systems are in place for health equity and the social determinants of health, undertake evaluation of policies on these topics, and increase the knowledge base.

Ted Eytan, MD