Photo Friday: A new year with Kait and Regina

This week’s photograph shows Kait Roe ( @kaitbr ) and Regina Holliday ( @reginaholliday ) in front of Washington, DC’s most excellent Capital Bikeshare, in one of our most revered neighborhoods, Dupont Circle. We wanted to try the new ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, Chipotle’s New Asian Spinoff. I like prototypes :).

I asked what we were going to do in 2012. I learned that Kait is working diligently to establish her employed presence (i.e. she’s looking for a job), and Regina is working diligently to promote the fabulous and long-awaited innovation that is. It deserves its own post, coming shortly. It’s going to be a good year.

Isn’t Washington beautiful?

Ted Eytan, MD