“You mean I can see my medical record?” – GroupHealth wins Mobile App of the Year

From this year’s Flashies Awards, produced by the Puget Sound Business Journal:

Newsmaker of the Year surprise: Savitt beats Bezos, Allen.

The quote above is by Sir-Mix-a-Lot, which Terri Boehm, the Director of Web Services for @GroupHealth , relayed to me this morning:

The Pugest Sound Business Journal’s TechFlash “Flashies” awards were presented tonight at the Sky Church at EMP. Sir Mix-A-Lot presented the mobile app of the year award. He referenced Group Health a couple of times in his intro to the award, “you mean I can see my medical record? Gets my vote,” as well as a reference to a novel use for the symptom checker.

Giving people what they want in mobile health, a connection to their trusted relationships in health care, gets my vote too. Congratulations, Terry, Colby (@colbyv) and @GroupHealth members, staff, nurses, physicians!

You can access the Group Health mobile app here.


Ted Eytan, MD