Sara Hurley – Studying the It Gets Better Project

About Me « Sara Hurley. – I think this is worth a post because it’s an innovative and humane way to recruit people for a research study, very much in the spirit of social media.

I received a solicitation to take a survey for potential inclusion in the study on the YouTube channel attached to my It Gets Better video. I then clicked through to Sara’s page to find a video about her, the work, how it works, and why she’s doing it.

In a world where most study recruitment can seem impersonal and clinical I think this is a great approach. What if every researcher shared their passion about the work with their potential subjects in advance ? Or is this state of the art somewhere already?

I don’t know if I’ll be selected to participate , but I did take the survey, and you can too, if you are 18 or older, in the LGBTQ spectrum, and participated in a video for the It Gets Better Project.

I continue to be amazed by the conversation that the video I made is creating; those who come without love for people who are different then them are bringing it in an open forum that they do not control. And they are now in the minority. What a change from the days when the minority had no voice, and how important that people who are scared about their future can see this and feel less so.

I’m glad this phenomenon is being studied and I look forward to the results.


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