Speaking at #ONCmeeting tomorrow , my images, references and wardrobe

Tomorrow I’m doing something very “exciting” which is trying out a new presentation format at the 2011 Office of the National Coordinator Annual Meeting. You can access the meeting live, tomorrow, Thursday, via webcast at this link:

2011 ONC Annual Meeting | Healthit.gov

The presentation format is the Ignite format, which is 20 slides, 5 minutes, 15 second per slide on a timer. I’m always game for something new and you can tell me if it worked out or not. The topic is “Acceleration and Tipping Points,” and my talk is on Consumer E-Health, where I’ll be joined by 3 other innovators in the 9:45 am – 10:15 am EST time slot. We just did our first joint rehearsal this evening. This promises to be fun. I think.

Because this format reinforces brevity and constraint, I’m publishing the links to the studies and data cited in my slides below. I’m also publishing images of the slides as a teaser. The format really requires storytelling to go along with the images so having these in advance won’t spoil the content, or the fun (or terror).

No complaints, I chose this path in life, and thanks to Claudia Williams (@ClaudiaWilliams) and Lauree Ostrofsky (@SimplyLeap) for the interest in trying something new, and supporting myself and fellow presenters (storytellers?) in learning how to do this. I will definitely be wearing the lucky wardrobe for this one.

See you in person or online tomorrow.

Links to facts/data behind the images below:


Ted: can you post a link to the presentation? Would you be up for re-creating it for the KP communicators? Are you joining us in Bellevue next month? We are looking for ways to share information across the organization in media that are efficient and effective. We have been experimenting with Soundslides, but this approach is more lively.

Hi Steve,

It looks like the archived Webcast will be posted by end of November.

Re, re-creation, the answer for you is always “yes,” just let me know when where how.

I don’t know about the Bellevue meeting so I guess I won’t be joining you 🙂

What’s soundslides?

Thanks always for tuning in and being a great partner in innovating/teaching/learning in communication,


Ted Eytan, MD