Video – My Tednote from Social Media in Care Delivery Tech Demo Day @KPGarfield

I gave this keynote on September 15, 2011, at the Sidney R. Garfield Center for Healtcare Innovation (@KPGarfield) Technology Demonstration Day, with the theme “Social Media in Care Delivery.”

Even though the event was internal, we invited several special guests ( @drane, @seattlemamadoc, @susannahfox , @rzeiger , @rawegd ) to help us think about how social media could make a difference in integrated care delivery. Regina Holliday ( @ReginaHolliday ) was also there in spirit through her art, at the beginning and at the end of this presentation (along with a KP member in the audience, of course!).

The key concept is, “in integrated care delivery,” meaning, when care is already coordinated and incentives line up in the patient’s favor. For that reason, this was filmed for internal use, however, I received requests to make it more available, and here it is. See what you think, comments welcome.

With thanks to the multimedia expertise of Larry Kless ( @klessblog ), and the general innovation expertise of Aaron Hardisty ( @aaronhardisty ) and Jan Ground ( @janground ).

Oh, and you can access the slides and a written debrief of the day here: “The future is integrated” – Social Media in Care Delivery.”


Ted Eytan, MD