My 3×3 presentation from the #73cents Salon : past, present, future

The video above is the 3×3 presentation I gave at the 73 cents salon on Friday. As I mentioned previously, this was an opportunity for a small group that got together in 2009 to reconnect.

We customized the format of the presentation to be the following (credit, again, to Aaron Hardisty (@aaronhardisty) from the Kaiser Permanente Garfield Center for Healthcare Innovation ( @KPGarfield ))

3 Slides in 3 minutes – Telling the story of YOU

– You will be timed! (in a loving and supportive, yet equal, way)

Slide 1: The Past

– A success or a failure you’ve experienced since 2009
– What did you learn?

Slide 2: The Present

– What is the most exciting thing you are involved in today?
– How are you making an impact?

Slide 3: The Future

– How do you envision yourself making a bigger impact in the future?
– How can the people in this room help you? 

I decided to think broadly about what success means to me. See what you think above, (make your own if you’d like)

If you’re like me and have trouble sitting through 3 minutes of video, the images from the presentation are below. Just click to enlarge. And, thank you 73 cents alums and new alums!

Ted Eytan, MD