Photo Friday: @kaitbr walking in DC after the #73cents salon

This week’s photograph shows Kait B. Roe ( @kaitbr ) walking in the DC sun after the 73cents salon that was held yesterday. It shows what is transformational about The Walking Gallery, a brilliant innovation created by Regina Holiday ( @reginaholliday ) that resulted from constraints (she was told that she couldn’t hang art on the walls, so she put it on people’s backs). This art forces you to “see” a person in multiple directions, as they come toward you and walk away from you. Besides directionality, it also enforces multi-dimensionality. In the 73cents salon immediately before this was taken, we talked about credibility that comes through experience. People are more than their academic pedigrees, after all. And as with the 73cents mural, you can’t tell a jacket to shut up.

Speaking of the 73cents salon, Christine Kraft and I recreated the conditions that created our first meeting in May, 2009 (see: “Is it meaningful if patients can’t use it?“), on this day. The ingredients included a borrowed conference room, brief presentations (we used the 3×3 technique, thank you Aaron Hardisty ( @aaronhardisty ) from @KPGarfield ), and the right people talking about the past, the present, and the future.

I’ll post my 3×3 here soon, in the meantime, enjoy the rest of the photos of the group – @susannahfox , @kaitbr, @ekivemark , @christinekraft , @cindythroop , @reginaholliday , and especially Christine’s diagram of the different approaches to culture change. See what you think (click to enlarge any photo, feel free to reblog)

Ted Eytan, MD