Come to @dcweek to talk about HIT in the safety net , hosted by @breadforthecity on 11/5/11

I am interested in patient access to information for all patients, in all health care systems. We are lucky in Washington, DC, that organizations like Bread for the City provide services to the Safety Net AND have the technology to have this conversation (see: “Shadowing at Washington, DC’s Bread for the City (“almost 50% of the time spent in the community”). I am personally lucky that people like Greg Bloom ( @BreadfortheCity ) are ready, willing and able to teach us about these experiences.

With that in mind, Bread for the City is hosting an event as part of Digital Capital Week 2011 (@dcweek) called “Building a Broadband Bridge in the District.” Notice the flyers are in English and in Spanish – there will be Spanish language interpreters there to support an inclusive conversation.

If you’re interested in citizen access to information, patient access to health information, this as perfect an opportunity as I can imagine to have it, at level where people receive care (and the Bread facility is beautiful, PS).

Feel free to embed the images in this post or link to them, and you can sign up for the session here (it’s free). I think I’ll be there after the robotics demo, but maybe during, I like to learn. Thanks, Greg and Bread!


Ted Eytan, MD