He is a magician | Innovation Institute at Henry Ford

I AM A MAGICIAN | Innovation Institute at Henry Ford. – Welcoming to the blogosphere Madhu Prasad, MD (@HenryFordIdeas) who is a surgeon AND the Director, Innovation Institute at Henry Ford Hospital, which as he states, will change the world:

It is the medical community’s answer to Disneyland. A place where magic (technology) and wonder (ideas) permeates the hearts and minds of the “imagineers” of Medicine. A place where imagination spurs collaboration – breaking down and overcoming barriers – to change the practice of medicine and delivery of health care at Henry Ford and around the world, and to help restore our community to a position of pre-eminence.

Madhu and I have spent more than a few Innovation Learning Network (@HealthcareILN) in person events together, where he always expresses a healthy curiosity about the things around us :).

I’m going to get to find out about this magical place when I attend TEDxAlvaPark in November, shadowing visit to a medical office included (of course!). Will blog about the whole thing. In the meantime here’s a little video intro, and link to the blog is above. Enjoy.

Ted Eytan, MD