Creating a great unconference: video from AHRQ Innovations Exchange Event

This just-released video recaps what Carolyn Clancy, MD, accurately states is a first of its kind experience for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality – the Open Space Networking / Unconference. I posted photos and a recap when the conference happened (see: AHRQ Innovators Conference – Taking Risks Pays Off!), however this video presents a more comprehensive view of what this looks like and is professionally put together. It would be especially helpful to show and share if you are thinking about being as groundbreaking where you are :).

You’ll find me being a little on the candid side about my feelings about traditional meetings around 4:04, see if you agree with me.

Thanks again to the AHRQ Innovations Exchange (@AHRQIX), Judy Consalvo, Mary Nix (@MNX), Carolyn Clancy, AHRQ (@AHRQNews), and Chris McCarthy (@McCarthyChris) from Kaiser Permanente for being open to new ideas AND new actions. They were determined to learn and teach, and they did!

You can see the video in its home on the Exchange at this link as well.

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