#iln11 Day 2 – Prototyping life

Learning how to prototype (View on flickr.com

I remember my conversation with Chris McCarthy (@McCarthyChris) and Tim Rawson (@noswar) in Seattle at the last Innovation Learning Network meeting in May, 2011, and I’m paraphrasing:

Chris: We’re going to the Garfield Center for the fall in person meeting

Me: Why?

Chris: We’re going to prototype.

Me: Prototype what?

Chris: Life.

That put me in the right frame of mind to try something new, and it also relates in my mind to the passing of Steve Jobs.┬áBesides Steve’s passion for innovating, I will remember that every purchase of an Apple product meant supporting an end to discrimination, before it was popular. It still does.

Photos from the day are below.

Life is a prototype, there isn’t one way to do it. Practice as much as you can. Do it with respect for others’ diversity and promote equality wherever you can!

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great posts as always. you do a fantastic job of weaving together everything that you’re thinking about, experiencing and that is trending in the world of healthcare. oh, and your pictures are fantastic and comprehensive as always. so glad you could join us at the meeting and look forward to seeing you at the next in detroit #iln12.

Ted Eytan, MD