“If we have any privilege, we’ll use it to make sure it gets better”

The “It Gets Better” video I did with colleagues in Washington, DC, has been getting more hits lately, and some interesting comments, mostly amazingly positive, some (well just 2), like this one.

I am reflecting on how great it is that social media is allowing people, professionals, leaders to engage in a dialogue ilke this, to demonstrate that un-love just  can’t win.

I agree with Lady Gaga, our generation has the power to end it.


Yes, a lot of Gay men enjoy the privileges that SYLVIA RIVERA & MARSHA P. JOHNSON fought tooth & nail among countless TRANSGENDER Womyn around the world,
Ironically for years they were banned from Gay clubs, and it keeps happening, most Gay man wish we went away like a drag queen, be “normal” the rest of the week.
I tank you on behalf of many TRANSGENDER Youth that are feeling the hate and self destructing into SEX WORK and NIGHTLIFE

@BrookeCerda Dear Brooke, I just read this whole comment, and immediately read about the lives of Sylvia and Marsha ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvia_Rivera and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvia_Rivera ). 
They definitely paved the way for so many kids who grew up not knowing if they would be allowed to live, much less be productive in society. Now a lot of those kids have grown up, protected, and respected, and there’s more we can do together. Some people, who are not minorities, don’t realize it can take a lot out of you to keep having to teach and educate others, especially when the norm is not to listen. It gets tiring after a while and then people give up. Thanks for not giving up. 
You can’t have health without equality, and who doesn’t want to be healthy. No one. It’s time,

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