“If we have any privilege, we’ll use it to make sure it gets better”

The “It Gets Better” video I did with colleagues in Washington, DC, has been getting more hits lately, and some interesting comments, mostly amazingly positive, some (well just 2), like this one.

I am reflecting on how great it is that social media is allowing people, professionals, leaders to engage in a dialogue ilke this, to demonstrate that un-love just  can’t win.

I agree with Lady Gaga, our generation has the power to end it.


Yes, a lot of Gay men enjoy the privileges that SYLVIA RIVERA & MARSHA P. JOHNSON fought tooth & nail among countless TRANSGENDER Womyn around the world,
Ironically for years they were banned from Gay clubs, and it keeps happening, most Gay man wish we went away like a drag queen, be “normal” the rest of the week.
I tank you on behalf of many TRANSGENDER Youth that are feeling the hate and self destructing into SEX WORK and NIGHTLIFE

@BrookeCerda Dear Brooke, I just read this whole comment, and immediately read about the lives of Sylvia and Marsha ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvia_Rivera and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvia_Rivera ). 
They definitely paved the way for so many kids who grew up not knowing if they would be allowed to live, much less be productive in society. Now a lot of those kids have grown up, protected, and respected, and there’s more we can do together. Some people, who are not minorities, don’t realize it can take a lot out of you to keep having to teach and educate others, especially when the norm is not to listen. It gets tiring after a while and then people give up. Thanks for not giving up. 
You can’t have health without equality, and who doesn’t want to be healthy. No one. It’s time,

Ted Eytan, MD