Photo Friday: Whole Foods college eating advice takes some interesting turns…

This post is dedicated to Lygeia Ricciardi (@lygeia), who wrote a similar guest post last year and colleague Christine Kraft (@christinekraft), who has enlightened me to the power of visual messaging. And it goes like this.

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Dear Whole Foods,

When you produced this handy guide, which includes on the front cover “How to Avoid the Freshman 15,” and on the back cover “How to Avoid Weight Gain 101,” with pleasing images of carrots, potatoes, and other healthy items, did you subcontract out the middle of the guide which advises “frozen bagels, burritos, and pizza (go crazy here),” and “chocolate (lots…antioxidants are the excuse)”?

Is this what they call “the sandwich approach” in health information?

Photos of the guide are below, which I took at the newest location in Washington, DC, at the George Washington University campus, make sure you go through all of them (click to enlarge) to see the different approaches to nutrition at the beginning, middle, and the end.

I’ve created a Flickr Group called “Visual Health Messaging” where anyone can add photos that convey messages about health – feel free to add some of your own.

Ted Eytan, MD