Four year DCversary! (I heart DC)

Time flies. This week is my 4-year DCversary. Celebrating DCversary during the most energetic, physically gorgeous time in the city really adds to the love.

I have enjoyed so many things, and they’re actually nicely catalogued with photos:

– The extreme extroversion of the people here and community spirit – My posts on DC as America’s Most Social City

– Tied to the above, all the public monuments ordinary people produce in the quest for a more healthy community – Posts on the public monuments people have created to their loved ones

There are/were some gaps as well

And there’s this:

I wouldn’t have imagined doing Yoga, in the morning, at a model facility for having health care conversations, with work colleagues who I had yet to meet, motivating me.

It’s what happens here, which is why my expectations have been wildly and obsessively exceeded.

Place matters. We all deserve to find the best one for ourselves. Who’s yours?


Hey Jen!

In this comment I’m adding you to the list of people I have gotten to appreciate since the move. Let me know when you’re in DC next, let’s get a slice at the ‘Factory,


Ted Eytan, MD