Photos from @46Mommas Shave for the Brave , Union Station, Washington, DC

As you can tell, each mother is holding a photograph of their child as they are shaved bald in front of a large crowd at Union Station.

These are not all in focus or perfectly lit (there were lots of professional photographers there, not to worry) but I am posting them anyway.

So glad I got to see Danielle Leach (@TeamInspire) and 45 other mothers honor their children with cancer (each weekday on average, 46 families receive the news that a child has cancer).

I wrote about Danielle and her son Mason previously and what it meant to bring your personal experience into the conversation.

If you see women walking around with shaved heads in Washington, DC today, honor their courage. If you are in health care and taking care of families, use this story to remind yourself how much energy exists in the parent-child bond (pretty much limitless) and what you can accomplish if you involve patients and families in their care.


Ted Eytan, MD