Making Connections: Center for Total Health Bloggers Roundtable

Healthcare Standards: Making Connections – This is a link to a post by Keith Boone (@motorcycle_guy), who participated in the Center for Total Health Bloggers Roundtable on Friday, September, 16.

I was really impressed with the presence and engagement of the group that participated.

I didn’t really know how many people would take time out of their day to talk about the launch of a blog, in this case for the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health. The cool thing is, they did – and as you can tell from Keith’s post, I think people broadened the discussion to one about the theme of Total Health and the Center’s place in making it real.

We piloted the use of real time conversation management, which will allow you to see the entire conversation here: “TRANSCRIPTION AVAILABLE: TODAY‚ÄôS ROUND TABLE“. Also, you can access all the related tweets via the TweetReach report.

I really liked the ideas that connect the virtual to the physical – there are opportunities to leverage the community spaces to support co-working, hubs, and access and conversations with key innovators in health care (thanx, @2healthguru, @ekivemark). They don’t have to be huge events, just micro-meetups. I also liked the concept of “champions of Total Health” that Danielle Leach (@TeamInspire) brought up, and creating connections to social media groups we (I) haven’t met yet, like mommy-bloggers (thx, @reginaholliday)

Everyone should have the opportunity to be able to ask their stakeholders what would make their blog useful before they start it. It was a great opportunity put together by The Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth) and Holly Potter (@htpotter) and Trish Doherty (@trishdoherty), and made relevant by the people who took the time to advise and coach. Thank you!


Ted Eytan, MD