Photo Friday: Wendy Sue, Roni, Alex, Susannah @KPGarfield

This week’s photograph had to be this one, which shows Wendy Sue Swanson, MD (@SeattleMamaDoc), Roni Zeiger, MD (@rzeiger), Alex Drane (@adrane), and Susannah Fox (@susannahfox) hamming it up for the camera at the Sidney R. Garfield Center Health Care Innovation Center (@KPGarfield), in San Leandro, California.

I got to see the innovations in health care on display here through the lens of their experience and expertise, which was … great in so many ways. The photograph shows them wearing their “walking gallery” jackets, painted by Regina Holliday (@reginaholliday), as well as their spirit and passion. They’ve got a lot of both, can you tell?


Ted Eytan, MD