ONC Consumer Health IT Summit

Today I was honored to join representatives of several organizations, “data-holders” and “non-data-holders” alike, in pledging to provide timely access to patients’ own health information, on behalf of Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente My Health Manager adoption (click to enlarge)

I think half, okay 40 % of the honor, was the organization being recognized by Todd Park (@Todd_Park) – he just adds that little sprinkle of happiness on top of all of the jubilation that’s sitting on top of the optimistic goodness.

Here’s what he recognized in terms of Kaiser Permanente’s accomplishment – over 3.6 million members registered for use on the My Health Manager personal health record, one that is used regularly.

There was some discussion afterward about people signing up but never logging back on. Todd also addressed this in the KP introduction – in 2Q 2011, 26 % of registered members signed on more than 11 times, 18% 5-10, 23% 1-4. 33 % signed on zero times. I am up to date on this data because I have been preparing for the technology demonstration day coming up (this week, but who’s nervous…), “Social Media in Care Delivery,” and learning just how “sticky” health professionals are relative to other health information resources. Very. More than I would have predicted in 2001!

The pledge means more than access to data, it means access to the trust and relationship around the data which people want, and makes them successful at the same time. Something that patient and Project HealthDesign team member Nikolai Kirienko (@NikolaiKirienko) said made this connection for me as well (and I’m paraphrasing):

(I’m)…looking forward to patient apps that can interact with EHRs and remove the hurdle of the 15 min patient narrative…

ONC’s consumer health leader, aka “The Consumerista” at ONC, Lygeia Ricciardi (@Lygeia), is the person leading the coordination of this effort and of today’s day. It turned out really well, look at all those smiling faces!

This movement is so fortunate to have a resident artist, and I am still impressed with her steady hands and commitment to the canvas. I don’t have those abilities. And fortunately, I don’t have to, this is a partnership. Photos below, enjoy.


Thanks much for being a part of this great event!
As always, I love the KP data. Two-thirds of registered users logging in in the last quarter is a great stat! Can you give me the breakdown of that 1-4? Mostly, I want to know if you can say that more than 50% of all registered users logged on more than once.

Hi Josh,

I checked with Ravi Poorsina (@RaviPoorsina) who manages communications for My Health Manager and she informs me that the numbers have been stable for some time, now, so you can definitely say it’s greater than 50% if you look at this published piece in HealthAffairs: http://content.healthaffairs.org/content/28/2/334.abstract

I’ll just see if a refresh of the data shows anything different, in the meantime you are all set, enjoy,


Hi Josh,

You can definitely say that, I think it’s important to include,”because it is connected to the physician/care team relationship.”

I am just double checking on the Q2 time range, I sent a note to colleagues in California, I’ll follow up with their response, thanks for your support,


Hi Ted,
It’s great to hear KP walking the walk of true Patient centered care – love this ” it means access to the trust and relationship around the data which people want”. In our thousands of sessions listening to patient voices they tell us again and again how much they value their relationships with their healthcare providers and want to be heard.

Ted Eytan, MD