A Care Story, from Kaiser Permanente Georgia

I had the pleasure of co-presenting on “Social Media and Today’s Physician” at the CDC National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media with colleague and PR Professional Laura Dunn, MA (@CUgirl481 -> and the “CU” is Clemson University in case you were wondering) today, and a question came up about communicating with physicians.

That question brought me back to our conversation last evening with the communications leadership at Kaiser Permanente Georgia (@KPGANews) and The Southeast Permanente Medical Group (@TSPMG , http://www.tspmg.com) and the patient story from Kaiser Permanente Georgia that I am sharing below. They told us this video came from a letter that Genna wrote to the president of KP Georgia to talk about her care.

It gives a sense of how patients can be the most powerful communicators in health care about what’s important. Patients love their lives, and they don’t want to be sick. Doctors and nurses love helping them stay that way. See what you think.

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Thanks for sharing this amazing video, Ted. What a powerful testament to KP’s exceptional care and a very special woman and her family! This really touched my heart!

Ted Eytan, MD