Kaiser Permanente 2010 Community Benefit Annual Report

Full Speed Ahead | 2010 Community Benefit Annual Report

2010 stats:

We hope to see health care reform bring us closer to the goal that inspires so much of our work at Kaiser Permanente — the goal of total health, in which individuals and families can thrive together in an atmosphere of universal access to quality, affordable care, healthy and safe environments, offering healthy food and active lifestyle choices to informed, empowered citizens who actively participate in their health and the health of their communities.

Those are the challenges and the hopes that framed our wide-ranging activities in 2010, prompting us to increase overall contributions to $1.8 billion (a 7 percent increase over 2009) and reach out to more than 2,500 nonprofit organizations and active partners through grants and donations totaling nearly $90 million.

Also a nice chart and link to a comprehensive reporting of greenhouse gas emissions – see http://kp.org/ghgemissions

Since 2005, we have been measuring and reporting our emissions at a growing number of facilities, but in 2010 we reached a major milestone by

completing our first systemwide emissions inventory. This information provides invaluable data for identifying our emissions “hotspots” and taking additional steps to reduce them.

We also set a target to reduce our energy use per square foot by 2 percent in 2010 — an aggressive goal considering that many of our clinical buildings were increasing both their operating hours and their use of electronic equipment.

Ted Eytan, MD