Photo Friday: Love always Wins

This week’s photograph was taken at the Washington, DC, Capital Pride parade, celebrating the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in the mid-Atlantic region.

It reminded me of this sentiment from Christine Kraft (@ChristineKraft):

I think the two are connected because there’s something we know can’t defeated and yet health care sometimes, no often, doesn’t harness this energy, or worse, tries to defeat it. Talk about waste….

I did the creative thinking exercise about what would be like if love did have a billing code, and actually, in integrated health care systems, it sort of does. Physicians who are paid on salary, to do good work for people, instead of doing things to people, have part of their income based on patient experience scores. The more they care, the greater they can “bill” their medical group.

Anyway, thanks for the great reflection of what I’ve said on this blog numerous times: love always wins.

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Ted Eytan, MD