#hcdc HealthCamp Washington, DC 2008 and 2011

Day 3 of DC Health Innovation Week is completed (at least for me, anyway), and along with it, a very successful HealthCamp 2011 at the Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth).

Thanks to Mark Schrimshire (@ekivemark) and Maumi Chatterton (@mjchatterton), along with Danielle Cass (@daniellecass) for creating a seamless event with their talent and experience:

Take a look at the modern, polished look of just one of HealthCamp’s discussion sessions:

I tweeted about the idea that as I was walking through the facility from group to group, I noticed what a relaxed environment a HealthCamp is. It’s not what you would think about when you think “unconference,” but in actuality, the “regular” conferences with the slide decks and the crazy agendas are actually the “un-relaxed-conferences.” You can see it in the photograph above.

I decided to go back into the archives and see what HealthCamp DC 2008 was like, and I found this photograph:

HealthCamp DC, 2008

That’s Mark, David Hale (@lostonroute66), Anita Samarth (@anitasamarth), Alex Sicre (rest in peace, Alex), Lygeia Ricciardi (@lygeia), and Trenor Williams (@trenorwilliams). That’s the entire event. In a “borrowed” conference room at a local health insurer. I believe this is for most of these people around the first day they started using Twitter, too. It’s the day the idea of #epicenter was born.

Today’s HealthCamp is in the post-meaningful use, post-data liberacion, post-social media explosion era. It had a full film crew in attendance. There were a lot of excited people present, that didn’t change.

I participated in a very lively session about whether or not Facebook is willing or interested in participating in health care delivery; more than just apps, having a privacy/terms of service structure that would draw physicians and health systems in. We thought this is a ripe are of conversation with the company.

Photos are below, feel free to use any as you wish for your blogging/tweeting/PR needs.

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