Hey is that my #hcsfbay photo in “Can Todd Park Revolutionize the Health Care Industry? (The Atlantic)”?

Why yes it is. Check out the top of :

Can Todd Park Revolutionize the Health Care Industry? – Simon Owens – Technology – The Atlantic

Cool! (The article is pretty good, too).

I didn’t know that The Atlantic was going to use the photograph, glad to see it up there.

They are not quite adhering to the Flickr community guidelines, which state that a link needs to be provided back to the Flickr page where the photo is hosted.

Not a huge deal for me, because my intent in posting photographs is to show the world images from a physician’s perspective that show a different model of health care than exists in most of the United States, one that serves the individual, family, community’s goals for total health rather than its own. More use is better, and feel free to use any of the photos in my stream in your work, too.

Here’s the photograph, and below it more images from HealthCamp SF Bay 2010, where the photograph was taken. Health Camp is one of the venues where conversations about the future are happening, with leaders like Todd Park (@todd_park) encouraging them.

Todd Park, CTO of HHS at HealthCamp SFBay 2


Ted Eytan, MD