Physician Assistants : Social Media Body Snatchers II: Into the Ethics – JAAPA

Another post in the series from Jim Anderson, PA-C ( @HITorMISSPA ), who I asked to write about social media in the professional world of Physician Assistants.

I can’t help but wonder if we’re teaching our PA students what they need to be taught, or if we are giving them the ethical underpinnings they need to be equipped to deal with the emerging complexities of patient care. Do I really want someone treating me who later mocks me or my family, whether they put if on Facebook or not?

I like that the focus in all of the professionals who use social media is good communication. Take a look, there’s one more in the series….and as I mentioned yesterday in my post about nurses, I expect and hope that we will bring the most excellent health 1.0 partnerships for health into the new media Health 2.0 world. Our patients do, too.

Social Media Body Snatchers II: Into the Ethics – JAAPA.

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Good awareness about social media. The world is changing and so do we. I think merely accepting that "One should already know what to think and do" is not the right attitude though (as the linked article suggests). Practicing ethically can be a challenge when we have conflicting obligations and having a private life and a facebook account can complicate this, so one needs to be aware of social media implications and how to use social media ethically =). I also have a blog, thought you may enjoy it.. Get into Medical School. I think PAs MDs etc. may do harm sometimes without intention, I like the comparison of a doctor talking disrespectful about his patient once the door is closed – it happens all the time.

Ted Eytan, MD