Photo Friday: Walking meeting tip – purses look great on men and walking saves lives

Jim Lewis, MD, and Christi Zuber, MHA, RN on Pennsylvania Avenue

This week’s photograph illustrates a handy tip from my handy dandy guide to walking meetings, in which I state, under “managing mobility issues.” “Carry the other person’s bag if it’s appropriate. There are very few purses that don’t look good on me.”

Jim Lewis, MD, and Christi Zuber, MHA, RN ( @czuber ) are demonstrating this technique, right before a 1.77 mile walk from Pennsylvania and 15th to the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health, where our annual innovation retreat was held (more on this soon). Jim carried the purse, allowing Christi to do the walk.

We then took this photograph, near the end of our walk:

Kaiser Permanente innovators and a volunteer from Oceana

It turned out that we took this walk on the 1 year anniversary of the largest oil spill in history.

To be honest, it is not the easiest thing in the world to stand in front of the gas guzzling shuttle and invite people to do something different. You could wait until you get to the innovation meeting to start innovating; however the way of an organization that publicly makes the link between the health of our members, our communities and our planet, is one that promotes the standing in front of said shuttle, because it saves calories and it saves lives.


Ted Eytan, MD