Mayo Clinic, Geisinger, Kaiser Permanente, Intermountain Healthcare and Group Health Announce Plan to Securely Share Patient-Specific Data

Five Leading Health Systems Create New Care Connectivity Consortium | Kaiser Permanente News Center

Five innovative and leading health systems, each of whom are pioneers in the use of electronic medical records for their patients, joined together today to announce a new initiative to securely exchange electronic health data, with the first data exchange planned in the next year.

I sat in on the announcement at the National Press Club (you can see my tweets from that event here), and I think this is a very important development in health information exchange / interoperability, because of (a) the commitment of these five organizations to make this effort work and (b) the fact that they have as much experience as any organization does in the United States / world in doing this work.

It’s worth noting, as it was asked at the press conference, that these organizations do not among them share a lot of patients. I like what Jack Cochran, MD, said, ” we are enhancing our responsibility to the country. ” See what you think.


Ted Eytan, MD