A few photographs of the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health #kpcth , with an unexpected favorite

The Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health opened its doors yesterday, with a nice piece in the New York Times about the innovations it is connected to.

I thought I would post some of the photographs I have taken of the facility based on some of the things that interest me. Click any to see full size.

The auditorium with a functioning exam room, in particular, is a great place to demonstrate the future of the therapeutic patient-physician interaction, complete with comprehensive electronic health record, and big screen designed for patient view of their health information.

There’s a nod to mobility in the form of iPads hosting Kaiser Permanente’s personal health record, My Health Manager, in front of a really really big telepresence system.

The most unexpectedly meaningful photograph for me, though, is this one. It’s part of the exhibit detailing significant history, health history, and the history of Kaiser Permanente. It shows that one of the significant events in KP’s history is the achievement of a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Healthcare Equality Index.

It is great to see that the pride of innovation in how we treat people is as important as innovation in creating the tools that we use to care for them, and that this will be a part of every conversation that is had here.


Tim, it is beyond difficult, if not impossible to hold a candle to you, I think I heard from yet another person this week that they got some materials from the Innovation Learning Network and how beautiful they were! Good thing we are on the same team 🙂

Ted, I had hoped to get to the opening, but I couldn't make it and be ready to see patients Tuesday morning. I love your favorite photo. I could not be prouder to work for an organization that is dedicated to and proud of providing excellent care to everyone. Thanks for the post!

Ted Eytan, MD